Bridging like Pontifex Maximus

Or why to perform a Wrestler’s Bridge By Jan Adams “Victory goes over a bridge.” (Karl Gotch) Bridge ain’t just for old English Ladies sipping Sherry. The Bridge is for everyone and should be performed regularly. It is the counterpart of modern work life….

How the wrestlers bridge made a lasting impact in my life

By Travis Patton Travis Patton was born in the United States and currently resides in Alabama. I’ve been working on the side as a personal trainer since 2011 and would love to one day open my own training facility that can also accommodate grappling….

Heracles’ Dilemma: Is Strength Really a Virtue?

Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Heather L. Reid.  Heather L. Reid is a specialist in ancient philosophy and the philosophy of sport. She has published several books related to sports philosophy and the Olympics, as well as co-authoring numerous texts. – Athletics and Philosophy in…

Building A Relationship With Your Neck Muscles

By Jan Markus Adams Karl Pojello, the great wrestler, once said: „Chain no stronger than weak link.“ He knew about the importance of strong neck muscles. And especially he knew about the importance of functional strength. His quote goes on with the words: „Mat…

By their necks you will know them (english version)

A report of experience By Jan Markus Adams “The philosopher looks like a cartoon character!”, laughed my team mate Dieter to our coach Matthias. “That big body and then such a tiny neck.” When he said this I was in Martial Arts for fifteen…